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Aska yang - 楊宗緯 [ 那個男人 ]

I don’t really fancy 楊宗緯 or Aska Yang, but with this song, I think he’s fame is going higher by the minute. This song 那個男人 kinda of suited his singing style, and proves to be a hit in our local KTV top song list. Keep it up !

And btw i didn’t think of coming out the chords for this song, on pure piano accompliment because it will sound very dull. YOu will need a proper band to pull out the best in this rocker band song.

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I simply love the lyrics, its beautifully written for both guys and girls, man and women, who had failed in their love lives. Well its suited for adult, but recently it had taken one of the top hits in KTV dedications

Here’s some of the translation (for those non-chinese speakers :>) at the bottom of the post.

mei ne me jian dan piano chords

Translation of “没那么简单” lyrics

没那么简单 就能找到聊得来的伴
尤其是在看过了那么多的背叛 总是不安只好强悍 谁谋杀了我的浪漫

It’s not so simple to find someone you can chat with, after witnessing so much betrayal. The anxiety is tough, the romance is dead.

没那么简单 就能去爱别的全不看
变得实际也许好也许坏各一半 不爱孤单一久也习惯 不用担心谁也不用被谁管

It’s not so simple to love, but not to see for yourself. Realistically, halved it into good and bad. Disliking being alone, but used to it, there won’t be much to worry for each other.

感觉快乐就忙东忙西 感觉累了就放空自己
别人说的话随便听一听 自己作决定
不想拥有太多情绪 一杯红酒配电影
在周末晚上关上了手机 舒服窝在沙发里

Occupy yourself busy when you are feeling happy, relax when you are tired. Whatever advises you’ve heard, you can choose to decide yourself. To have less emotions, get a glass of red wine for a movie show, switch off your mobile phone, and put yourself comfortably on your sofa.

相爱没有那么容易 每个人有他的脾气
过了爱作梦的年纪 轰轰烈烈不如平静

Love is not easy, each person has their temper, too old to dream of love, instead of the trouble, why not be peaceful.

幸福没有那么容易 才会特别让人着迷
什么都不懂的年纪 曾经最掏心 所以最开心曾经

Happinesse is not easy,that’s why it’s so fascinating, at a young age where we do not understand love, it’s at the stage where we had the most fun, the most bitterness, and the fond memories.


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I love you all - Musicians from all walks of life!

I still do see quite a lot of visitors surfing and browsing through my website, and I thank you once again for visiting my site. I hope I have help you, in any ways, to learn about this wonderful thing call ‘Music’.

It shouldn’t separate us by different instruments, different roles in performing, different roles in the creation, and definitely not our races, age and nationality. I will be playing rather an inactive role here on updating my website, though I’ll still keep my website where it is suppose to be. It’s been hard since I have to juggle many things at work, and my dear 27 year old Kawai Piano has been very dusty on the inside and outside. (Should I get the Piano tuner to come ? Hmmmm)

I think the only way I could imagine myself getting back is perhaps when I am between 40-60, perhaps playing in a band some oldies of Chinese songs in 2000-2010, and that might just happen around the year 2030.

Dennis :)

王力宏 - 你不知道的事, 钢琴和弦简谱 piano chords

This is Wang Lee Hom latest song 你不知道的事 from his Album “十八般武艺”

Here are some of the piano chords but I have drop down 1 semi tone for easier playing. Hope u guys enjoy this.

ni bu zhi dao de shi piano chords

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Piano and Guitar Pitch Music Tuner on Android App!

I came across this app called “gstring” and its available on the Android market, if you happen to own one Android phone. this very powerful app allows you to check your piano or guitar to see/hear if its properly tuned. Well in the case for piano, you need to get a professional piano tuner to tune each note for you, but if you’re on a guitar, you will be able to tune it, with the aid of this program.

An example of a video here:


And an image of the program.
Android app music tuner gstring image

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吳克群, 殘廢 - Can Fei by Ken Wu

Can Fei


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周杰伦 Jay Chou - 花海 Hua Hai lyrics and chords

Me and myself singing 花海 by 周杰伦

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Me singing 原諒我 by 蕭敬騰 + chords tutorial 钢琴和弦简谱


Video with in-view-Chords on it, thanks to Youtube technology

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