Welcome to SingWithPiano.com. Here you will learn how to improvise with a piano, how to sing better, and how to become a better musician. There are free piano lessons, free singing lessons, free music lyrics and chords sheet. There are also some of my personal Youtube videos.


I love you all - Musicians from all walks of life!

I still do see quite a lot of visitors surfing and browsing through my website, and I thank you once again for visiting my site. I hope I have help you, in any ways, to learn about this wonderful thing call ‘Music’.

It shouldn’t separate us by different instruments, different roles in performing, different roles in the creation, and definitely not our races, age and nationality. I will be playing rather an inactive role here on updating my website, though I’ll still keep my website where it is suppose to be. It’s been hard since I have to juggle many things at work, and my dear 27 year old Kawai Piano has been very dusty on the inside and outside. (Should I get the Piano tuner to come ? Hmmmm)

I think the only way I could imagine myself getting back is perhaps when I am between 40-60, perhaps playing in a band some oldies of Chinese songs in 2000-2010, and that might just happen around the year 2030.

Dennis :)


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